Kejserinderne (The Empresses/ as in CaecarĀ“s Mother)

With physio therapist Heid Holm and midwife Anne Ruby.


New Dates are on their way.

Please note that this course is in danish!

KEJSERINDERNE is a unique step by step healing process, where we help you to kick start your body after a birth which also has been a major stomach surgery.

No matter if your C-section was planned or acute, if you are happy or sad, it is still a fact that your body and nervous system need a helping hand to get over the shock of surgery and back into balance.

We teach you an effective scar tissue treatment, give you a training for different levels and help you to process the experience of childbirth by C-section. This will prepare you to start or resume physical activity (if that is your wish). It will also provide you with an effective scar tissue treatment and security around the experience of birth.

After these 8 weeks you will ”know” your scar and how to treat it and you will feel more balanced and complete in the area around the scar because your stomach muscles have started to cooperate again. On top of that you will have an understanding of what it means to enter a new pregnancy with a scar in your uterus.

Throughout the whole course you will have a lifeline to us via a closed online forum, so you can ask questions in the times we are not together. You can also use this forum to share experiences with the other participants.

There are max 10 participants per course, because there needs to be space to see, hear and correct in the best way, so you will get the best results.


You can already start 4 weeks after giving birth. The deciding factor is that YOU are ready to take your baby on a little trip for a couple of hours.


PRICE: 2600,- (remember that your place in the course if only secured after the payment has been registered)