Childrens' Yoga


The children's yoga at Blå himmel Yoga/Blue Sky Yoga is fun, physical, and on a level which is very suitable for kids. There are classes for ages 2-14.

We offer weekly Yoga classes for children, Child-Parent Workshops, and, for the grown-ups, Courses on how to teach Children's yoga! Click the tabs to find out more. Please note that the classes are taught in Danish.

Children's Yoga will help your child to develop in a healthy and natural way. Your child will become calmer and more confident by learning how to navigate in body and mind. This is achieved by constantly checking in on the body and feeling what the different poses are doing to body and mind.

Parents of children in the long courses are reporting about better concentration, focus, physical shape and well-being, better sleep, and happier children.

Yoga games and sequences will train balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination. The children participate actively in the development of the lesson, where we incorporate classic poses as well as new ones, play fun yoga games, go into handstand, and lay down to float on a cloud.

Sisse Siegumfeldt is a certified yoga teacher and children's yoga teacher, and as far as we know, she was the first to start teaching kids yoga in Denmark. She is training other yoga teachers, school teachers and educators in how to teach yoga to children and has published the DVD “Børneyoga og de 5 sanser” (Kids Yoga and the 5 senses).

“Since 2005, I have had the pleasure of teaching yoga to children. The children's imagination and openness lies right in the heart of yoga. Children are very busy these days. They get a lot of input and are constantly stimulated. Kids Yoga enables the deep and poetic moments of being present and focused, which comes so naturally to children.”