Saturday 20th january 13.00-16.00

Good Posture II

With Sandy TszYan Leung

Good Posture Part II

Posture correction workshop for lower back pain and hyper extended knees

The lower back is where the skeleton is thinnest and for many the lower back is an area that causes pain and also confusion. How much should the pelvis tilt? How can I use my core strength to stabilise my bendy lower back? Even people with strong abs are often not engaging to the core, and still have pain. 

In this workshop we will go through fundamental knowledge of how our core, pelvic floor, glutes, legs and feet muscle affects our health and posture. We will combine specialised, repetition-based strength exercises and static mobility exercises to stabilise our lower body in order to create a long-lasting impact in our health.

We will also learn to establish a routine that can make this practice manageable and doable. Anyone can attend, you don´t need prior experience with yoga.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes, an open heart and two 1.5-2KG hand weights (or two bottles of wine, olive oil or water), a pen and paper.

About Sandy

Sandy is a student of yoga, and draws inspiration and knowledge from training and workshops with international acclaimed teachers like Meghan Currie, Jordan Bloom and Jason Crandell. Learn more about Sandy here Lærere

TIME: Saturday 20. January 13.00-16.00 

PRICE: 300,- kr. or 4 clips

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Good Posture II

Sandy TszYan Leung, January 20th

300,00 DKK