A membership at Blå Himmel Yoga gives you access to unlimited yoga for only 550 kr per month.

A membership will motivate you to come to class more often and if you come to class twice a week this option is already cheaper than the Yogapass (klippekort).

Buy a membership by clicking on the below link and your payment will be pulled automatically every month on the date you bought the membership.




With a class-membership you buy access to one weekly class a month for 325,- kroner.

This is for you who feel a yogapass makes it too easy to skip classes and who like the group dynamic of a fixed class every week and the people in it. It is cheaper than the yogapass and will motivate you to do more yoga. With this type of membership you don't have to book yourself onto the class either. You just show up the same time every week.

A class-membership costs 325,- kr for a fixed class each week, for example every thursday morning at 7:20 a.m.. It cannot be used on other classes, not even if you miss a class. Buy your class-membership via the link below and the amount will be deducted from your bank account automatically every month, on the date you bought the membership, for example the 17th every month.



The payments are always one month in advance and if you want to cancel your membership, please do it one week prior to your fixed payment date.

The membership is bought for two months minimum.

With a membership you can use the booking system as usual and are able to cancel your booking up to 7 hours prior to the class. If you don’t come to class but have placed a booking, you will be fined 40 kr.


Memberships do not grant access to workshops and courses such as kids yoga or pregnancy yoga.