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We are Copenhagen’s most ‘Hyggelig’ yoga studio, with yoga for both children and adults, our own cafe, and a warm, unpretentious environment. We are located in the heart of Østerbro and have small classes and highly trained yoga teachers. At Blå Himmel we prioritize personal instructions and an individual approach. We have a great atmosphere, peace and quiet – real quality yoga.

Yoga is a stress management technique that through deliberate, detailed work with the body, strengthens the mind. You will feel calmer and clearer as your nervous system becomes more resistant to stress. Your body unfolds and becomes stronger and more flexible.

Yoga feels good – being fully present in the body, just like when you were a child, is natural and provides a deep feeling of well-being. Life becomes a little more simple – filled with joy and spontaneity.

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The schedule is used for regular bookings for drop-in classes for adults.


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The Best Children's Yoga in town

In Blå himmel Yoga we are experts in Children’s yoga and have offered this in Østerbro for over 15 years. Our teachers are experienced, professionally trained and very nice. We have classes for children and youngsters btw. 3-16 years. We also offer Child/Parent Yoga and Aerial Yoga for teens and tweens.

The classes are small, with room for every child to be seen and heard. While your child is doing yoga, you can relax in our very own Blå Engel Café.



On yoga retreat there is plenty of time to just Be You. There is nothing better than the deep peace and joy that comes from yoga and meditation, when you immerse yourself in it, for several days or a week.

Since 2009, Sisse Siegumfeldt (owner of BHY) has held over 20 retreats in Denmark, Sweden and Greece, mostly week-long courses, and in recent years also weekend trips. She says:

“It’s so amazing what a retreat can accomplish, how you can completely reset both body and mind and really start fresh, full of joy and energy. Both Milelja in Greece, Mellem-rummet on Samsø and Strandgaarden on Møn are truly lovely places, the senses unfold and the mind settles as soon as you are there. The food is super-healthy, vegetarian and full of living nourishment. “

Upcoming Workshops

Most of the workshop descriptions are in Danish, but may be held in English on request. The workshops described in English are held in English. 

Don’t hesitate to write us for more info. 

Opening hours

Yoga studio

The café is our reception. When it’s not open, the studio opens 15 minutes prior to your class.

Blue Angel Café

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 11-18

Wednesday, Friday 10-14



   +45 26 23 09 17 (Mon-Fri 10-15)


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