Book Children’s Yoga / Teen Yoga


Childrens yoga is all in Danish. You sign up for  season, which is half a year. There is no drop-in for childrens yoga.


You can always get a free trial class, it is best to take the trial class during the previous season, to ensure you will get a spot when the registration opens. When the season starts, many classes are already sold out, and we can not keep spaces open for trial classes, when we have students that know they want to sign up.

To sign up for a trial class: Write the name of your child, your own email and phone number, and the day your child will be attending class, to


Spring Season starts in week 2. See the exact dates over every class description in the box to the right.

The spring season has 20 classes for 1500 kr. for Children’s and Teen Yoga (incl. Aerial Yoga).  

For Child/Parent classes it is 12 times for 1500 kr.

For Child-Parent classes the payment counts for two persons, one adult and one child. One price = Two persons. There isn’t a price per person.


Registration is made by paying for the relevant class HERE Registration for spring season opens for new students on the 11. december. To see how many spots are left in a class: click the payment button and use the dropdown menu for amount, it will show the remainning spots.


It is ok if the parent stays in the room the first time your child comes to yoga, but in my experience it is best if the parents don’t stay and watch. Of course there will be situations where it is best if the parents stay and watch a couple of times but basically it is for kids only. (Of course this does not apply to Child-Parent classes where the parents are joining the yoga together with their children)


MONDAY 6/1 to 15/6 with Lotte Barrett

Kl. 16.00 – 17.00: TeenYoga 12 – 15 years

Kl. 17.15 – 18.15: Aerial Tween 10-14 years


TUESDAY 7/1 to 2/6 with Lotte Barrett

Kl. 15.50 – 16.50: Aerial Tween 9 – 12 years

Kl. 17.00 – 18.00: TeenYoga 13 – 16 years


WEDNESDAY 8/1 to 3/6 with Sisse Siegumfeldt

Kl. 15.50 – 16.50: Childrens yoga/Aerial mix 8-11 years


THURSDAY with Rikke Dall-Hansen

Kl. 15.50 – 16.35: Child/Parent 3 – 5 years
Fra 9/1 to 2/4

Kl. 16.45 – 17.30: Children’s yoga 6 – 9 years
Fra 9/1 to 11/6


SUNDAY with Katrine Johnsen

Kl. 11.00 – 12.00: Child/Parent 6 – 9 years
Fra 12/1 to 5/4

Kl. 15.00 – 16.00: Aerial Teens 11 – 14 years
Fra 19/1 to 21/6

NO yoga: Winter holidays Week 7 (for Sunday class, only 16/2). Easter holidays in Week 15 + Monday d. 13/4. Ascension 21/5. Pentecost 1/6.