Blå himmel YOGA/blue sky Yoga has a broad selection of yoga classes and teachers. Below you will find general guidelines for the various classes, but there can be quite considerable variations in methods and approaches from teacher to teacher and from day to day. You may want to try out different teachers to find the one that speaks most directly to your heart and mind.

Our booking system is found at SCHEDULE . Here you can create a profile and book and pay for classes. Classes are colored according to how hard or “hot” they are. Red is hottest, blue is coldest. For full membership, go to MEMBERSHIP. Class and membership prices are found here: PRICES
If you're new to Blå Himmel Yoga, you can book a TRIAL CLASS for 39 kr.


Aerial yoga, is practiced in a costumized hammock hanging c. 1 m above the ground. The hammock is made of a non-elastic fabric that can hold a person weighing up to 200 kg (441 pounds), similar in strenght and texture to the elastic aerial silk used by aerial acrobats. The yoga hammock is a groundbreaking tool that excels in three areas in particular:
1. It surrounds and supports you like a cocoon, giving an incredibly calming relaxation. 2. It is an ideal vehicle for inversions, also for those who are normally less inclined or able to do such healthy exercises. 3. In a number of positions it ensures a deep and effective core workout as you constantly have to keep your balance. Aerial is ideal for all curious yoga practitioners and can, e.g., provide an intense exercise without constantly putting weight on your arms. If yoga is already making you dizzy, or if you don’t like hanging upside down, then aerial is perhaps not the thing for you (yet). Nor is it suitable if you’re pregnant or suffer from heart diseases or serious back problems. Please wear a t-shirt that covers the armpits and remove any jewellery to avoid damage to the fabric. Besides from our regular classes we frequently offer aerial yoga workshops: Workshops. We also sell high quality yoga hammocks: Shop.


Originally, this is the denotation of all yoga where you move. Here, we define Hatha as yoga where you hold the lying, sitting, and standing positions for an extended period, giving the teacher and student time to work through the physical and technical aspects of each position. It depends on the instructor how hard Hatha yoga is. Hatha is suited for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, because yoga is also about continuously working to get a deeper, more thorough knowledge and mastery of the basic poses.


As the name implies, Hatha flow, a.k.a. Vinyasa flow, incorporates flow, i.e., yoga in constant movement with many sun salutations, etc. The warmth in the body created by the flow helps clean the body while keeping it flexible and strong, and the continuous guidance focuses the mind. With time you learn the movements and sequences, indeed, you learn yoga almost like a language. The floating movements and the repititions are quite meditative, making you flow on a hot, happy wave. Hatha flow is for those who like a good warm-up as well as movement, exercise, and a bit of a challenge.
For our frequent Hatha/Vinyasa flow workshops, see Workshops


Hatha with soft movements that gently loosens and strengthens the body. We go deep into the classic problem areas – shoulders, neck, and back – slowly working through most of the basic lying (supine and prone) and sitting poses. This introverted, meditative class is particularly suited for those with physical problems or stress, if you’re pregnant, recently gave birth (though you cannot bring your wonderful baby to class), completely out of shape, or just need a time out.


Suitable for beginners or intermediate students who want to refresh their technique or for you who has learned several techniques and styles and misses a clear guideline. Every class will focus on a certain area in your body. You decide how long you will continue on the beginners class and when you feel ready to join the other classes.


Yin yoga is the most de-stressing form of yoga. Through deep stretches and drawn-out floor poses you can let go completely in body and mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and gain greater vitality. By resting in the yoga poses the whole body, including the nervous system, relaxes. Yin yoga focuses more on being than doing, creating the possibility for a deeper awareness of self, for harmony and inner peace.
For our frequent Yin yoga workshops, see Workshops

Photos: Jacob Lund Photography