Outdoor Yoga 6 feet apart

Is there anything lovelier than yoga in nature, under a blue sky?

Due to the Corona crisis, Blue Sky Yoga is moving some of our stream classes out under the (hopefully) blue sky, when weather permits. We start on Monday, April 27, and will run until May 10, where we will hopefully be allowed to open the studio again.


SIGN UP IN THE SCHEDULE ON THE WEBSITE. This registration is binding! There are only 9 spots. If it is raining or very cold the class will be streamed instead  – check the SCHEDULE an hour before. You will receive the link if you are signed up.

CHILDREN & TEENS: You have to create a profile in the SCHEDULE (not in the webshop / website) and then you can book yourself. Follow the instructions at the top of the SCHEDULE page.

LOCATION: We meet at Blue Sky and go together to Krauseparken or Torben’s ball court, Silkeborggade 12.

MATS & BLANKETS: Can be borrowed from the studio.

PRICE: Members and Children/Teens just sign up, I will deduct a clip from Clip Card Users (since the class is set to 0 clips).


Monday 10-11.15 Yoga with Sisse (NOTE TIME)

(Monday at 16-17 streaming with Lotte Barret) NEXT WEEK OUTDOOR AND LIVE!

(Tuesday at 18 streaming with Ditte)

(Wednesday at 9 streaming with Sisse)

Thursday at 19-20.15 with Katrine Johnsen

Friday at 16-17 Children’s yoga with Sisse

Friday at 17.15-18.30 with Constanza Julio del Rio

(Sunday at 17, Sisse streams)

We are outside in the lovely summer weather on these 5 classes but if the weather is not good enough we will stream instead. If the class is streamed, we clearly state it in the schedule 1 hour before the starting time.