Covid-19 info


RESTRICTIONS after reopening June 8:


- Be considerate, maintain hygiene, cover mouth if coughing (not with your hands). Stay home if you feel sick.
- More frequent cleaning of everything - Handles and yoga hammocks get sprayed often.
- Everyone must help out disinfecting - Together we're stronger


- Max. 12 people per class (subject to change). Place yoga mats shifted instead of in straight rows to achieve a larger distance between people's faces.
- We have created extra space in the waiting areas. You may use the entire cafe which won't be open for a while.
- Avoid using the changing room, if possible (often it's possible to change in the room for treatments but don't store clothes or bags there. Also, be sure to check the sign before entering to see if the room is occupied or not).


- If possible, bring your own mat, blanket and towel. For members, it is possible to keep your equipment here so you don't need to bring it every time.
- We have two sets of equipment at the studio so the same equipment won't be used two days in a row. Be sure to disinfect all equipment after use!
- Be sure to disinfect all equipment after use!
- Hand sanitizer is available. Use it when you arrive and after using the restrooms.
- The hammocks are only used once a day. We don't put our faces in them and don't do relaxation in them. Also, they get sprayed after use and washed frequently.


- No heavy breathing exercises or exercises where you touch your face.
- No partner exercises. No hands-on assisting from the teacher.
- No chanting.

We have the best and smartest yogis in the world and all research shows that yoga is very safe to do - Our mouths are closed at all times!