FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do I need to bring my own mat?
You are welcome to bring your own mat, but you can also use the mats at the studio free of charge.

I have never tried yoga before – how do I start? 
We have beginner classes and all of our Hatha classes are in a pace where everyone can join. Look for the blue classes in the schedule. If you are comfortable in your body and move regularly just try the different classes and see what fits you best. All classes are suitable for beginners and if you find a certain pose to difficult, then take a break and just observe 🙂

I am not flexible at all. Can I still do yoga?
Yes, definitely! Yoga will help you to get flexible and strong in no time. And it is not about how much you can or cannot do, but how you feel doing what you can.

I am very stressed – how do I start?
Yin yoga and Hatha yoga are the two styles that are slowest and focus most on relaxation. But it all depends on what type of person you are. Maybe you will feel more relaxed after a class with a lot of flow where you will work and sweat a lot. We are all different, so just try some classes or ask your teacher.

How often should I go to yoga?
You can do yoga daily if it fits the condition your body is in. Many people get great results with one class a week. If you want to change your body and really notice the progress, then 2-3 times a week are probably a good idea.

Where do I buy a Yogapass (Klippekort)? In the booking system in the tab called Schedule You need to make a profile first, and then log on and press “Dine indstillinger” (your settings) at the top of the screen. Press “Køb kredit” (buy credit) and choose the option you wish to buy. See this manual: Manual If you experience problems, try going directly to our bookingsite here: http://www.supersaas.dk/schedule/sisseyoga/Yogahold

When I use the booking system on my phone or tablet, I can only access one day at a time. How can I change the settings to see the whole week?
At the bottom of the screen there is a button called “Vis skrivebord” which will redirect you to the regular version of the page.


Enjoy and Namaste