Pregnancy yoga


With Arenze Fischer - Yoga teacher, Pregnancy yoga teacher, Post-natal teacher, Children's yoga teacher, Mindfulness-instructor, etc.

WEDNESDAYS at 16:45-18:00 Dates: 2/9, 9/9, 16/9, 23/9, 30/9, 7/10, 21/10, 28/10


WEDNESDAYS AT 17:30 - 18:45 DatES: 11/11, 18/11, 25/11, 2/12, 9/12, 16/12

PRICE: 6 times for kr. 700 


Arenze Fischer has taught yoga since 2002 and has published a DVD with yoga for pregnant women.

"I teach pregnancy yoga to inspire women to work consciously with their breath, mind and body. It will help you to achieve an easier pregnancy as well as a better birthing experience. After giving birth, yoga and relaxation will provide you with energy and calmness so you can be mindful together with your little baby."

Pregnancy yoga is a gentle yoga method that strengthens your pregnant body at your ability and pace. The goal is to ease the problems that can arise when your body is constantly changing and you will get tips on what you can do at home. We will work on maintaining flexibility and increasing strength to prepare you for the hard work of giving birth. However, yoga goes deeper than the physical part and we will also do specific mental excercises and breathing excercises which are useful during labour. During the whole course the focus will be to do excercises that are calming and pleasant for you, during pregnancy, labour and after giving birth.

You can start this course when you are at least 12 weeks pregnant and you don't have to have tried yoga before. There will only be few participants to ensure a very personal approach.

Arenze Fischer is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and graduated from Galway Yoga Centre i Irland. She is also a certified pregnancy yoga teacher from midwife and yoga teacher Judy Cameron, postnatal and baby yoga teacher from Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, and took another postnatal yoga teacher training with Maria Allingham. On top of that she is a childrens yoga teacher, certified by Det Lille Yogahus. Arenze has two children of her own, Amalie and Birk. She is also teaching regular children yoga classes at Blå himmel yoga.

Registration is binding and will not be refunded, se Terms and Conditions. This is a course, it is normal and perfectly ok to miss a class or two, we do not refund any money for that, nor do we give a discount if you know it in advance, except if you give birth before the end of the course, then we discount the last missed classes.

Max. 9 participants, read about our Corona restrictions.