If you're completely new to Blå Himmel Yoga, you can book a trial class for 39 kr. If you wish to continue after your trial class, you need to buy either a punchcard (klippekort) or a membership. The punchcard can be bought online in Schedule, the credits will be deducted automatically in the booking system whenever you book a class. The system is very flexible and you can attend any class you like, try different styles of yoga and teachers. Memberships are unlimited yoga, with full acces to all the classes for adults. Cancellation needs to be done at least 7 hours before the class starts.


1 x yoga 120 kr. Valid for 1 month

3 x yoga 335 kr. Valid for 3 months

5 x yoga 550 kr. Valid for 4 months

10 x yoga 975 kr. Valid for 5 months

20 x yoga 1700 kr. Valid for 8 months

Punchcard with student discount:

10 x yoga: 750 kr. Valid for 5 months

First, make a profile in SCHEDULE. Then tranfer 750,- via Mobile Pay til 26230917 and send a picture of your student id.



Membership: 550 kr. unlimited yoga

Class-membership: One fixed class per week: 315 kr.

Student, full membership: 450 kr.

Fixed payment every month. Minimum two months.

Can be cancelled up untill 3 days before the due date.

Trial class: Book your first class for 39 kr. here.

Membership for Students or Senior Citizens:

Membership: 450 kr. Unlimited yoga.

Send a picture of your student id til



Children's Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Postnatal, Workshops, Teacher Trainings etc. 

All have different prices, check out the relevant tabs.

Membership clips cannot be used for workshops, but you do get a discount on most workshops.


Practice yoga when it fits you best and get a class tailored to your needs. You can work on a specific physical or mental challenge or simply strengthen your yoga practice.

Kr. 600,- per hour

Ask your yoga teacher or contact Sisse Siegumfeldt