Rent our therapy room

In our therapy room (25 m2) you will find a space for conversation and a massage table, as well as space for a matress on the floor, if needed. The room can be booked for offering massages, body therapy, healing, coaching, psychotherapy or similar sessions. The room is facing the courtyard and the afternoon sun. The walls and door are sound insulated, so you will have your peace and quiet.

In our studio, Blå himmel yoga, we have several hundred kids and grown ups visiting us each week and our newsletter is reaching several thousand subscribers. If you also treat children this could also be a great match. Østerbro and Norhavn are areas with very hardworking people who often need a little help for self help, so there is a lot of potential for gaining clients.

We are offering you as a therapist:

  • A cosy atmosphere without too many frills, with a bright and friendly interior.
  • Reception/cafe which is open 10-18 (friday10-17) where your clients can wait for their session without you needing to letting them in.
  • Room with massage table, area for conversations with comfortable chairs and a floor matress if necessary.
  • A profile on our homepage.
  • PR through our newsletter.
  • Flyers on location, as well as a poster in our windows.
  • Online booking if required.
  • Online betaling, if required.
  • Dankortbetaling i cafeen, if required.
  • Sign with your name on the door when you are here, if required.
  • Internet and speakers.
  • Cleaning, clean sheets, etc.
  • Toilet, kitchen and changing room.
  • Free access to our yoga classes.
  • One free coffee / tea while you are here 🙂


One half day per week: from 8- 14 or kl. 14-20 (Friday 11-17) : 900 kr. /month

Two half days (same days each week) e.g.: monday 8-14 and thursday 14-20), or one whole day (from 8-20): 1500 kr. /month

If you have one permanent day you will also have the option to book extra hours (if available) for 70 kr. per hour.

3 months mutual termination period. The room can be rented free of VAT (moms)