I love the deep peace and joy that you get from yoga, especially on a yoga retreat where you have time to just be. Since 2009, I have held around 20 retreats in Sweden, Denmark and Greece, both weeklong courses and weekend trips.

It still amazes me what such a trip can accomplish, how you can reset the body and mind, get in shape, and really start over, full of joy and energy. Both Milelja at Lesbos in Greece, Strandgaarden on Møn, and  Mellem-Rummet on Samsø are amazing, spiritual locations, where the senses unfold and the mind calms down as soon as you arrive.

Namaste Sisse Siegumfeldt, Blå himmel YOGA, member of Rejsegarantifonden nr. 2549 (Travel Guarantee Board)



“It’s been a long time since I have woken up on a cold Monday morning with a smile and thought, “yes, life is great!”

“Thanks again for an exceptionally lovely weekend. I’ve been thinking about it all day today and still have a nice yoga-meditation-swedish-winter-forest-calm in my body.”

“This really exciting and rewarding weekend has marked the entire week in a very positive way.”

“Gratitude to all and thanks for your lovely open hearts.”