Sisse Siegumfeldt, owner

I have been doing yoga for almost 20 years and it has become the guiding thread in my life: My source of joy and energy when the sky is blue, and my steady rock and anchor when the storm gushes. My approach to teaching yoga is communicate yoga so that everyone can understand it. Everyone should have a warm and good experience, a calm mind, and a happier, stronger body when leaving class.

I have taken numerous courses and teacher trainings over the years, including: Hatha Yoga with Claus Hagen 2004-5; Vinyasa Yoga at the Yoga Arts Teacher Training 2007; Anusara Immersion 1-3 with Desiree Rumbaugh, Jordan Bloom, and Neesha Zollinger 2009-10, Lille Yogahus Children’s Yoga Teacher Training 2012-2013, Yoga Therapeutics, Mindfulness for children, Mindfulness training, Yoga Philosophy Course, The Psychology of Yoga, Dynamic Yoga, Aerial yoga, and many more.

I have also written the book ” YOGA – et kvarter om dagen for en glad krop og et stærkt sind” (“Yoga – Fifteen Minutes a Day for a Happy Body and a Strong Mind,” Gyldendal 2013), and made the DVD “Børne Yoga og de fem sanser” (“Children’s Yoga and the Five Senses,” SisseYoga 2011).

Sandy TszYan Leung

After completing a 200 hours teacher’s training in 2015, I continue to seek out various training, workshops and immersions to obtain knowledge and get inspiration. In 2016, I finished a 50 hours teacher’s training in Yin Yoga with Jo Phee, specialising in traditional Chinese medicine and meridians.

I love a mentally challenging slow, Hatha Flow class, infused with mindfulness meditation, breath-to-movement flows and static relaxation in between – I always have both strengthening and relaxing elements in my classes. I believe that when we go deep into the breath the magic of the moment unfolds, and through the breath we discover magic of yoga. I eat vegetables but I also eat meat, my philosophy in life is moderating, yet liberating.

Sandy comes from Hong Kong and teaches in English.

Constanza Julio del Rio

Constanza started her yoga journey in her home country of Chile. After a career in Fashion Design and Arts, she decided to pursue her love of yoga further and now has over 2000 hours of study in Yoga Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Anatomy. 
Constanza is an approachable, passionate and creative teacher. She believes in facilitating a learning space where students feel the freedom to discover new ways of expressing movement. Constanza invites her students to leave preconceptions and expectations at the door and empowers students to be in charge of their own bodies and practice.
In Constanza’s classes you are invited to move from your senses, experience sweet restorative asanas and end every session with a nice long savasana. 
Her perception of an advanced practitioner is more related to knowing yourself and let go of self-judgment, instead of focusing on how physically capable you are in your asana practice.
The teachers who have influenced her: ‘I have been lucky enough to learn from Richard Rosen, Steve Haines, Jason Crandell, Maha Rajan, Prakash Narayanan, Rajadurai, Anna Ashby, Gary Carter, Mark Singleton, among many others.’
Constanza teaches internationally and has taught in Europe, Africa, India and South America.

Constanza is from Chile and teaches in English.

Katrine Johnsen

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and I am certified by Yoga Garden San Francisco in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga as well as childrens yoga teacher training at Blå himmel Yoga Copenhagen. My background as a dancer makes me include an element of flow and rhythm in my classes almost everytime.

To me, yoga is the smartest way to move your body, an opportunity to breathe deeply in a fast world, a source of nourishment and peace of mind, as well as a way to meet the world, myself and other people with love and respect. And this is why i love to teach it and why I believe that everyone can enjoy yoga, no matter their background, age og flexibility.

It is important to me to meet my students where they are and to see them, with all of their unique experiences, bodies and conditionings. This is what I always try to take with me and live up to as a yoga teacher.


Ditte Paarby

Teaching yoga to me means mindfulness, being together and letting go of the ego. To share yoga and to experience it together with my students makes so much sense to me. This is where I feel alive. During the last 20 years I have worked with teaching and coaching in several sectors of health and movement. Teaching yoga has become my biggest passion and I have taken a 250 hours Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Paul Jerard, a 500 hours teacher training, as well as several courses through the last 10 years. Yoga is about balance, awareness and flexibility in both body and mind with the ultimate goal of  a life in harmony and universal joy. With a heartwarming and positive attitude I welcome and aim to inspire both new and experienced yogis. My classes are versatile, full of smiles and a casual attitude and my highest priority is to design my classes so everyone feels welcome, safe and comfortable. I teach both Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Hatha flow, Vinyasa flow and restorativ yoga. On top of that I am a certified pilates teacher by Dianne McCarthy and in certain classes I will include elements from that.

Pernille Garde

Yoga makes me more mindful and aware. Yoga connects me to my body and lifts me up at the same time. Yoga is when body and mind meet in a wonderful dance. Yoga opens you for the poetry of the body and connects you deeply with yourself. We will get to know each other better while balancing in dancing Shiva or fully aware turn our attention inwards i a silent meditation. Yoga will shift your focus on what is most important: breathe, let go and trust.

In my classes you will both be challenged and seen as you are. In a casual atmosphere and with clear instructions, focusing on breathing and a deeper awareness of the body, we will move through a gentle wavy flow of different postures. With a poetic and positiv approach to body and soul you will warm up your body. Namaste and welcome.

Certified at Hamsa Yoga Studio in 2010. Taught young people at Kbh+, Sara Gaarbo danseuddannelsen.dk, S.A.T.S, Charlottehaven og Frida Hallqvist Pilates-studio in Frederiksberg. Certified by Statens Scenekunstskole in 1999 as dancer and choreographer. Pernille works as a choreographer and continuously creates her own performances.

Amelie Wahl

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
For me, yoga is about finding the best version of yourself. Also it is about balance. Balance between strength and softness, holding on and letting go, challenging yourself and respecting your boundaries.

My classes always contain inspiring and challenging elements as well as a good physical alignment. And when body and mind are in balance there will be more energy for yourself and others, for life and everyday tasks, for enjoying and digging deeper.

There are no expectations towards the student other than showing up on the mat. With time the rest will come by itself

I graduated from LagoCph in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. On top of that I work in administration for Blå himmel YOGA.

Arenze Fischer (postnatal yoga teacher and sub)

Yogateacher, childrens yoga teacher, prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher, history teller and MA in anthropology.

To me yoga is a way to find calm, find home and find myself. I took my first yoga class in january 1994 and quickly fell in love with both yoga and mediation. This has lead to several long retreats, teacher trainings and some years in an ashram. I have been making a living teaching yoga since 2002 and have taught a broad variety of students ranging from irish students to kindergarden kids with special needs to old muslim women.

My teachings often are based on stories and myths that create a frame for the yoga class. Storytelling is a fantastic way to train childrens attention and fantasy. Family classes are giving children and adults a possibility to share a nice experience in which they participate being equals.

Certifications: Yoga and meditation teacher – Galway Yoga School Ireland (appr. 800 hrs), postnatal yoga teacher – Sitaram Partnership, prenatal yoga teacher – British Wheel og Yoga, Mindfulness instructor by Henning Daverne, Childrens Yoga teacher – Lille Yogahus.
Additional courses: Yogatherapy for children with special needs, Mindfulness in Schools og Connected Kids, Storytime Yoga by Sydney Solis, currently I am studying sports pedagogy at copenhagen university.

Charlotte Snede Sørensen (sub)

Yoga is my motivation. I have always been very physically active and doing lots of sports. A couple of years ago my back begun to hurt and I started doing yoga. My body quickly recovered due to the physical excercises but I also learned a lot from the mental part where you start to open up.

I want to share all the good things yoga has given me with my students. The goal doesn’t have to be to learn a lot of advanced postures – yoga is for you if you want to get to know yourself.

My classes are supposed to be fun and sweating and coming out of your comfort zone is a good thing in my oppinion. The mood is casual and the most important thing is that you are having fun.

I also work with scenography.

Charlotte teaches in danish and english in Aerial Yoga

Julie Vogelsberger (sub)

Yoga, to me, is a way to get in touch with my body, breath and “inner me”. I also use it as a tool to get a higher consciousness of my body, get aware of your (movements)patters and tendencies, both on and off the yogamat.

In my yoga classes you will get a deeper knowledge og your movement patters. Some serve you well and others might be less beneficial for your body. We will work with and against these patters and by that you will become aware of how much potential you have to get more energy and serenity in body and mind. This will give you a feeling of greater freedom. Loving yourself, exactly the way you are is the basis of my yoga classes.

I teach Hatha and Vinyasa and all levels are welcome. I usually teach in english but will integrate danish into the class if necessary.

Laura Bach Skou (sub)

Most of all, Yoga is a way to move the body. I have read somewhere: “move your body and your heart will follow”

As life progresses, it becomes clearer and clearer to me that it is a good idea to invite the  divine into your everyday life. I think it’s such an incredible luck that you can (just) move your body and thereby attract all the good, the lucky coincidences and just being able to breathe freely. This is what yoga is to me. And that you can discover something new every day. It is a collaboration with nature!

I have been teaching for almost 10 years and graduated at Hamsa Yoga Studio. Additionally, I participated in a lot of courses, amongst others within Anusara, especially with Ross Rayburn.

Lill Palmblad

Yoga is my passion and I love to share it with others. I have been practicing yoga for about 11 years now, both Astanga, Hatha og Yin. Through the years I have enjoyed being taught my many fantastic danish and international teachers, which have given me so much I can pass on to my students in my classes.

Besides my own practice and a number of workshops I have certified as a yoga teacher in 2013 from Samahita Centered Yoga and I am currently taking another teacher training at Sattva Yoga. My background as psychologist has given me many years of mediation, teaching and dialogue with people in many different situations. I teach Yin Yoga and Soft Hatha as well as more challenging sequences with focus and strength and flow. I often focus on the breath and my classes always have a positive and casual vibe. Yoga to me is joy in body and mind and a special form of being present arises when we experience and share it together.

Nynne Holmen (sub)

Nynne first discovered yoga more than 15 years ago and it has become an invaluable part of her life. Having trained as a teacher first with Yogahaven in London and Marocco, she then went onto completing a pre and post natal yoga course and later trained as an Aerial teacher with Unnata Yoga in America.

Nynne teaches fluid and imaginative Vinyasa flow classes, alignment and breath based Hatha classes that are good for the soul, dreamy Restorative classes and playful Aerial classes sure to make you float. Her teaching comes from a place of passion and joy – knowing the strength and beauty yoga can bring to your life.

Nynne looks forward to welcoming you to her classes.

Effie Iliopoulou (sub)

I have worked as a dance and fitness professional over the last 7 years, travelling around Europe and have now found my feet in Copenhagen. Although I teach many styles of classes my specialisms are in Aerial Yoga and Ballet Bootcamp. I found my love for aerial a few years ago and have been addicted ever since. It is a way to release your inner child, and play! I really enjoy watching my students journey, growing in confidence with each class and encourage people of any age or ability to join. Effie is Greek/English and teaches in English.

Benedikte Bandak (sub)

Yoga is a way to find back to the simple things: your breath, your body the undisturbed being. It is a way to connect to what already is inside and outside of me. It might sound complicated but it often is there that I find myself, when I have been breathing and moving on my yoga mat. I graduated as a 200hrs RYT Vinyasa Yoga teacher at True North Vinyasa in Portugal and have added several courses and workshops on top of that, amongst others a 50 hrs yoga technique course at Hamsa Yoga Studio. I teach Hatha and Hatha Flow for all levels. My classes are usually a combination of strengthening and meditative flows.