Terms & Conditions


When you buy yoga classes, workshops, or goods at Blue Sky YOGA, you are agreeing to our purchase and payment terms, please read them carefully.

All prices are in Danish kroner, DKK. Your information will be encrypted and secure, including your bank details. We do not retain any information.


Payment in our webshop is done by Dankort or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and American Express), there is no charge. All prices are in Danish kroner, DKK. Prices are displayed without shipping costs. Your information will be encrypted and secure, including your bank details. We do not retain any information.

You can also buy other items in the yoga class before or after an hour, with cash or Mobile Pay. Certain items are only available for web sales.

Public institutions can use EAN invoicing as payment options by filling in EAN number, institution name, contact person's name and so on bank transfer. We will then send an EAN invoice (the shop does not automatically support it).


Delivery takes place with Post Danmark home to you or with CoolRunner to a Packshop nearby (or by small packages, directly to your home). The cost of delivery is typically 39, - (gift card, 19, workshops 0, -) and added to the price of the product, which is clearly stated in the shopping cart. Packs over 5 kg. costs 120, - smaller packages, such as clothes, are typically sent directly to your home, slightly larger packages are sent to a packet shop. This is to keep the price of delivery down.

Institutions: Prefer to use direct delivery instead of Packaging, and shipping costs are included in PostDanmark's tariffs. Shipping outside Denmark, also to Greenland and the Faroe Islands, is more expensive.

When an order is delivered, 3-4 business days are required before you have your goods. Money for the goods is deducted from your account when all items have been shipped. If the item has been delayed, you will be notified by e-mail.


If you regret your purchase, you can notify us within 14 days. After that you have 14 days to return the item after which you will return the money. The product must as a rule be unused, ie. Like in a store, you must try the clothes and look at the items, but tags etc. should be on. If the item is in a condition we can sell it again, we will refund the full amount you have paid (including shipping), but you will pay the shipping fee to return the item. Following the new consumer law, one can also regret a purchase where the product has been taken. It is up to us to evaluate what the goods may be. could be sold for as used. This review will only take place after we have received the item and reviewed it and the return is still at your own expense. Print your invoice and put in the package to be carefully packed and sent to: Korsørgade 19, st.tv. 2100 Kbh. Ø.


We pack our goods very carefully, but if your item has been damaged during transport, please contact us at sisse@sisseyoga.dk, and we will agree on a new item. This must be done within a reasonable time of receipt of the goods. If within 2 years problems or defects occur with the product, in addition to what you can feel at alm. use, we should also be contacted, with invoice and detailed description of the defect. If the defect is due to defects or damage during transport, you will receive an undamaged item instead of stock.


Payment for workshops and courses takes place by Dankort and credit card or bank transfer. The purchase is binding. At the longer courses, there may be credit for cancellation due to illness (medical certificate).


Purchased over the internet in Dankort and International Credit Cards Schedule tab: MasterCard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and American Express.

Buying a clip is to commit to a course, eg 5 months at a 10-day trip. You decide how the course should be composed, but after 5 months it is over. And just as if you were enrolled in a 5-month course at an evening school, you will not be able to return money for unused times. Cut cards may, however, be suspended for sickness or vacation (once a year, for 1 month) - but we must be notified before your card expires. If the clips have been deleted, it's too late.

However, if you have withdrawn your license card, you can, within 14 days of the date of purchase, notify us and get the refund refunded.

Clipboard is personal and must not be shared. However, you may want to invite people with a single time and cut on their behalf so they can get to know us 🙂 You can simply book on a team twice and take your friend under your arm.

Clip cards apply a certain number of months from the purchase date, not from the date you use it.


Payment for membership is through PayPal. There is no fee.

Membership is a subscription for unlimited yoga drawn on a fixed monthly date, which is the same date you originally purchased the membership. Team membership is associated with a regular weekly team, like evening school registration, except paying monthly.

Membership will come into force from the date of purchase, not the day you use it. Membership is binding for the first two months and may terminate at least one week before your next payment.

If you get a new credit card and will use it for your membership subscription, you must do it in PayPal. Please write. An email to us if you are unsure where.

Booking of teams, whether you have membership or rocking cards, can be found here on the website, under Schedule. The booking of a given team is binding, but can be unsubscribed up to 7 hours before. If you have clip cards and are missing from a booked team, the clip will be drawn anyway. If you have membership and leave without signing up, you will be charged 40, - in fine per. team.

Membership and rockcards can not be used for events such as Børneyoga and Pregnancy. Certain workshops can be paid by clip, but not with membership.


SisseYoga by Sisse Siegumfeldt

CVR / SE No: 32919774

Korsorgade 19, st.tv. (here is no yoga study!)

2100 Kbh. Ø

Tel. +45 26 23 09 17


Nordea Bank reg. No. 2105 account no. 6885 741 426

IBAN DK5420006885741426 Swift: NDEADKKK