Sara Saxild, ManuVision-kropsbehandler

My background is as a musician and I am currently doing my studies as a ManuVision therapists. I have finished the first year and therefore offer ManuVision Student treatments.

We awaken the body through massage and stretches. This opens up for a deeper and lighter breathing. During the treatment we will remove tensions that lead to pain, stiffness around the back/lower back, neck or other joints and this will create more flow in the body and you will feel more free and soft. If you are in a state of stress, anxiety or depression, a deeper breath, relaxation and pulsation of the body will be very calming and freeing.

The treatment lasts approximately one hour.

I am in Blå himmel Yoga every thursdag from 8:00 to 14:00, but I also have other times available (also evenings and weekends). Write to me if you want to book or 30276023

The price is: 300 kr.

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Laura Adela Raundorf, Totum-therapist

As a Totum therapists I can help you, your spouse, your child and your friends to reduce pain, stress, anxiety and worrying. Both kids and adults need to be able to feel their base and act based on a cooperation of body and mind, instead of a fight between them.
We can heal old traumas together (bad experiences), or “just” loosen up tension in shoulders, lower back or any other place, so you and your loved ones can strongly walk through lifes challenges.
The time during the session is yours and you decide the pace.

After several years in marketing and sales I have now entered a phase in my life where I am able to feel myself and my surroundings clearly. I no longer stress through life or totally break down. Nowadays I am able to balance business and goals with pauses and space to be myself and loving priorities, which is big pleasure both for myself and my loved ones. It was only when I met body therapy that I was able to do so.

I have found body therapy to be the missing link to reap all the benefits of physical detoxes, yoga retreats, talks with a psychologist and self help books. Are you also missing that link? Let me help you.

If you would like to let your body and mind work together, then let me help you.
You can book an appointment with a favourable price here:
You can find me at Blå himmel Yoga every tuesday, but I also offer sessions at other times. Contact me by phone on 9386 2203 or mail

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Vibeke Lykke Stenstrup, Totum therapist

Vibeke Lykke Stenstrop, Totum therapist

Even though I haven’t finished my training yet, I have lots of training hours and experience from various sessions, so I am able to help you reduce pain, anxiety and stress. As a Totum therapist I look at each person as a whole and every person, both big and small need to find balance in their lives. A balance which requires that there is a connection and cooperation between body and mind.

Our current society is based mainly on what happens in our heads. I will help you to create a connection to the rest of the body, enabling more harmony between body and mind.

You can find me at Blå himmel Yoga every tuesday afternoon/evening – starting from the 22. october until and including november.
You can book your session during these hours:
16.30 – 17.20, 17.30 – 18.20 or kl. 18.30 – 19.20 by phone or anytime via mail

Intro price during october and november: 300 kr. per session