Sara Saxild, ManuVision-kropsbehandler

My background is as a musician and I am currently doing my studies as a ManuVision therapists. I have finished the first year and therefore offer ManuVision Student treatments.

We awaken the body through massage and stretches. This opens up for a deeper and lighter breathing. During the treatment we will remove tensions that lead to pain, stiffness around the back/lower back, neck or other joints and this will create more flow in the body and you will feel more free and soft. If you are in a state of stress, anxiety or depression, a deeper breath, relaxation and pulsation of the body will be very calming and freeing.

The treatment lasts approximately one hour.

I am in Blå himmel Yoga every thursdag from 8:00 to 14:00, but I also have other times available (also evenings and weekends). Write to me if you want to book or 30276023

The price is: 300 kr.

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Read more about ManuVision here:

Charlotte Brinkmann Sørensen, Fasciatræning

Charlotte is a Pilates- og reformer-instructor og trained in Elastic Training / Fasciatraining.
We work with the fascia (connective tissue) and train the body in a whole new way. The fascia runs through all of your body and is weaved into all of your muscles, tendons, ligaments and so on. The fascia is part of every movement, no matter what you do, but it can become stiff and rigid and cause tensions and negatively affect your well-being.
Elastic Training makes you aware of the blocked areas, so we can free them. You will get rid of tense muscles and the feeling of a stiff and locked body and you will experience a more balanced body, increased flow and improved quality of your movements.
The training is backed up by the latest scientific research about movement and training and training of the fascia. Elastic Training is a great add-on to your other training and a good place to start if you have been experiencing disease or injuries.

Intro Offer in december and january.

Personal training (1 person):
First class (65 min): 350,- kr. per person
Duo training (2 persons, training together)
First class (70 min): 250,- kr/person

APPOINTMENTS: Charlotte is in Blå himmel Yoga mondays until 14.00 and thursdays from 14.00

Contact me for appointments and more information by phone: 26 36 05 72 or email:


Sine Jørgensen, Totum kropsterapeut elev

Totum body therapy looks as the body as one. By working with tensions and pains in the body you can also work through stuck emotions and past experiences that have left a trace in your body.
A session with me can either focus on the physical tensions as the primary element or can have a more therapeutic approach where we look at the connection between body and mind. This is totally up to you. I work with deep massage, deep stretches, pulsing movements and focusing on the breath. The goal is to create flow in the body, especially in the areas that you experience to be tense and tender.
As a body therapist my goal is to create a safe space where there is time and space to be exactly who you are. We will start with whatever you need to and no matter which focus you would like the treatment to have.
PRICE: 550 kr. for one session, lasting approximately 60 min.
TIMES: I am at Blå himmel Yoga wednesdays from 17 to 22
You can book your time here: or contact me by phonbe: 23 45 87 14.

Johann Feil, holistic masseur

Through trips to India, I found the initial inspiration and did my first ayurveda massage courses. Since then, I have done courses in reflexology, marma points, pressure points, classic massage and intuition. I did most of my holistic massage training in Berlin where I lived the last 8 years. Today I provide holistic massages in a intuitive sense.
I always start my sessions with a short conversation, where I get an understanding of your needs and expectations. This also gives me an impression of how you are feeling in the very moment when you are to receive treatment. Overall, I can help with any physical tension or provide general mind calming massages.
I moved to Copenhagen last summer and the last six months I have worked full time with massage. I always feel great inspiration and motivation in meeting my clients.
Looking forward to meet you.
TIME: I am available at Blå Himmel Yoga studio Tuesdays from 15-21. I also offer mobile massage service at other times incl. weekends. I can meet you at your home or workspace.
For bookings please contact me on 42 92 91 71 or
PRICE: 1 hour: 350 kr. and 1½ hour 500 kr.