Sara Saxild, ManuVision-kropsbehandler

My background is as a musician and I am currently doing my studies as a ManuVision therapists. I have finished the first year and therefore offer ManuVision Student treatments.

We awaken the body through massage and stretches. This opens up for a deeper and lighter breathing. During the treatment we will remove tensions that lead to pain, stiffness around the back/lower back, neck or other joints and this will create more flow in the body and you will feel more free and soft. If you are in a state of stress, anxiety or depression, a deeper breath, relaxation and pulsation of the body will be very calming and freeing.

The treatment lasts approximately one hour.

I am in Blå himmel Yoga every thursdag from 8:00 to 14:00, but I also have other times available (also evenings and weekends). Write to me if you want to book or 30276023

The price is: 500 kr.

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Flavia Cardas, Psychotherapist, Movement Therapist

Flavia Cardas is a Psychotherapist, Movement Therapist (certified in Bothmer Movement) and author of the book “Invitation to dance/movement psychotherapy: Do you accept yourself?” and many academic articles, holding a PhD in Psychology on Personal development through dance and movement.
She works mainly with international clients (adults and children), both individually and in groups, using expressive therapy methods (movement, dance, music, art).
She is an ambassador of the body-mind-emotion connection and cultural diversity; a promoter of self-discovery and meaningful encounters.
CONTACT: by phone +4571651250 or by e-mail, or meet her in person every Wednesday

TIDER: In Blå himmel Yoga every Wednesday from 14-20