Yoga Is A Game

How to teach children Yoga

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A course for yoga teachers, teachers, educators or parents

Sisse Siegumfeldt has taught yoga to children since 2005, as one of the first in Denmark. Kids yoga is an exciting, pleasant and challenging branch of yoga, which is gaining interest by people everywhere. This workshop will give you the possibility to gain insight into kids yoga or get some new inspiration if you are already teaching kids yoga.

The course is a mix of theory and practical training and will show you how to teach children in a class or how to integrate it into the schedule in school, either as small ”yoga breaks” or in the physical education lessons.

Children are very busy these days. They are getting a lot of input and are constantly stimulated. Kids Yoga makes the moments of presence and focus possible, amongst others by allowing a lot of energy and action. This will give the children some tools to find calmness and focus in a hectic everyday life.

Yoga has a very specific approach to the body and mind which develops the child. Language, cognitive abilities, social skills and self-esteem are boosted by doing yoga.

Studies show that children who are doing yoga in school, learn easier, have more fun doing it and have more energy at the end of the day. Breathing exercises, concentration exercises and short relaxation stories can be used to gain focus during teaching language, maths, geography etc.

The workshop includes the following subjects:

  • Children's development, learning abilities and body image
  • Yoga postures and breathing exercises adapted to children
  • We do yoga together: group and partner exercises, yoga games
  • The rhythm in a kids yoga class - An alternation between dynamic and mindful
  • Storytelling
  • Themes (for example: Yoga and Creativity, Circus Yoga, Partner Yoga)
  • The children's input
  • The teacher's role and preparation
  • Mindfulness exercises for children and relaxation (for example: Sun in the stomach and floating on a cloud)

PRICE: 1200, - for a day (including manual and kids yoga DVD)

Please note that this course will only be held in danish.