Children’s Yoga and the 5 Senses – A yoga program for children (Download)

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This Children´s Yoga program has become a bit of a bestseller in the Danish DVD version, and is now (finally) available for download in English. Do yoga with your children at home and improve concentration, sleep, strength, flexibility and body awareness. The DVD is filmed twice, in Danish and in English, and is not dubbed. View the trailer below and use currency switcher (to the right) to get the price in your money.

Based on the five senses, Sisse and the yoga kids take us through five fun and poetic stories with jumping ninjas, fire-breathing dragons, blind crabs and parachuters floating on a cloud. We go from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to the bottom of the deepest lake and do lots of yoga along the way.

Sisse Siegumfeldt has taught Children´s Yoga since 2005 and is a registered Yoga Teacher, Children´s Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Instructor, and author of books about yoga and Children´s Yoga. She also directs her own Children´s Yoga Teacher Training in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Please note that the files can’t be downloaded directly to your phone/tablet but need to be downloaded to a computer first.

SisseYoga 2011, 45 min.

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